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Sensor Fusion


A human being recognizes external environment by using many kinds of sensory information. By integrating these information and making up lack of information for each other, a more reliable and multilateral recognition can be achieved. The purpose of Sensor Fusion Project is to realize new sensing architecture by integrating multi-sensor information and to develop hierarchical and decentralized architecture for recognizing human beings further. As a result, more reliable and multilateral information can be extracted, which can realize high level recognition mechanism.


Research Topics

Dynamic Compensation

High-speed Bipedal Running Robot

Janken Robot

Baseball Robots

Robotic Systems

Applications of High-speed Multifingered Hand

Manipulation of Flexible Object

Elasto-plastic Deformation Control

Human-Robot Cooperation

High-Speed Handling Based on Vision, Proximity and Tactile

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Dynamic Sensor Network

Research in the past

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