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Development of High-speed 3D Position Compensation System with High-speed Visual Feedback


With the increasingly diverse needs of users, the production line is shifting from the conventional low-mix high-volume production to high-mix low-volume production, and the flexibility and intelligence of machines and industrial robots are required. In response to this, we have proposed an intelligent system based on Dynamic compensation, in which a compensation module that controls a high-speed actuator based on high-speed sensor information is installed ahead of existing robots and human-operated machines, and developed a system that uses dynamic compensation to perform a variety of tasks.
However, in previous studies, the compensation motion was limited to two-dimensional motion. Therefore, in this study, we developed a high-speed 3-axis position compensation module with high-speed visual feedback for high-speed and high-accuracy 3-D motion. Specifically, we constructed a compact and lightweight three-axis (x-, y-, z-axis) delta robot that can be mounted on the end point of a robot arm. We measured the horizontal accuracy in the x- and y-axis directions using a laser displacement meter, and confirmed that the motion accuracy was less than 7% at 20 Hz or less in a circular orbit with a radius of 3 mm, and that the repeatability was less than 1.3% of the distance traveled even when there was 50% horizontal movement in the z-axis direction.

Overview of the experimental system
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