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Human Cooperative Task with Multiple Degree of Freedom Using a High-speed Hand System


Recently, robotics research and development have been done actively, and some robots are introduced in human life environment. This means that cooperation between human and robot is significantly important. And it is very interested in human-robot cooperation in that context.

We demonstrated a human–cooperative task multiple degree of freedom using high-speed hand and high-speed camera. In details we have constructed the system in which robots and humans maintain the balance of a board. We constructed a high-speed human-robot cooperative system using high-speed camera and high-speed robot hand. In example task, we focused on the human-robot cooperative task with multiple degree of freedom with visual feedback. We proposed basic strategy of the cooperative task. We explained image processing algorithm for estimating the object state (position and three-dimensional angles). Next, we described inverse kinematics of the robot hand and control of the hand. We showed experimental results of the proposed strategy, image processing, and robot hand control. That task was successful using proposed method.



  1. Yuji Yamakawa, Kazuki Kuno and Masatoshi Ishikawa: Human–Robot Cooperative Task Realization Using High-speed Robot Hand System, 2015 IEEE International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Mechatronics (Busan, Korea, 2015.7.8) /Proceedings, pp.281-286 (2015)
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