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High-Speed, Non-deformation Catching of a Marshmallow with High-speed Vision and Proximity Sensor


We developed the 1ms sensor fusion system with the high-speed active vision sensor and the high-speed, high-precision proximity sensor. The control algorithm of the high-speed robot hand became simple and robust by the combination of the sensor feedbacks, because the combination of the feedbacks enabled continuous sensing from non-contact to contact state with high-resolution without visual occlusion. Since the contact was detected based on the distance value of the proximity sensor, the hand could control fingertip position without depending on the contact force. The hand could stop the fingertip motion before deforming the sof object (marshmallow).

The feedback control makes it possible to grasp sodt objects with unknown characteristics at high speed and non-deformation. Therefore, the control can be applied to manufacturing lines of soft foods. Especially, it can be expected to be applied to processes including multiple works such as "assembly of boxes", "grasping of cakes" and "packaging of boxes".

Fig. 1: (a)The high-speed, high-precision proximity sensor, (b)The high-speed active vision sensor, (c)illustration of the catching experiment and 1ms feedback control modules.


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