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Fully Automated Beads Art Assembly based on Dynamic Compensation Approach


Smart manufacturing within the context of Industrial 4.0 has become increasingly important in the context of manufacturing evolution, which is changing from traditional high-volume, limited-species production to low-volume, multi-species, short-cycle production. Moreover, the significant damage to the supply chain caused by the pandemic has proven the urgency to build next-generation manufacturing systems that are resilient to future pandemics, requiring the strengthening of robotic automation and less reliance on humans. In response to this, we have proposed Dynamic compensation to improve the autonomy of industrial robots.
In this study, we demonstrate the implementation of a simplified scenario of smart manufacturing of made-to-order bead art. Specifically, using a system equipped with a three-dimensional position compensation module at the end of an industrial robot arm, the proposed system picks up beads on a rotating stage that resembles a belt conveyor and create bead art. By controlling the robot based on dynamic compensation, it is possible to achieve conflicting bandwidths behaviors required for automatic assembly: real-time positional accuracy of the working target, which directly affects production quality, and intelligent motion planning, which represents long-term adaptation to online changes and uncertainties without relying on human intervention or preconfiguration.

Beads art assembly and result


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  1. Kenichi Murakami, Shouren Huang, Masatoshi Ishikawa, Yuji Yamakawa: Fully Automated Beads Art Assembly towards Smart Manufacturing based on Dynamic Compensation Approach, Journal of Robotics and Mechatronics, Vol.34 No.5, pp.936-945 (2022) doi:10.20965/jrm.2022.p0936
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