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Telemanipulation System Using High-Speed Vision and High-Speed Multifingered Robot Hand


Recently, there has been signi cant progress in the development of master-slave robot hand system. Especially we focus on master-slave robot hand systems that can realize non-contact sensing and intuitive mapping between human hand motion and robot hand motion. Such a master-slave robot hand system can be effective from a viewpoint of usability. However, conventional systems are not able to adapt to dynamically changing environments because of their high latency from input to output.

Therefore, we developed a master-slave manipulation system using a high-speed robot hand system. This system can reproduce the high-speed motion of human hand at the slave side, and the latency of the proposed system is so small that humans cannot recognize it. Furthermore, the hardness of target object can be measured at high-speed. We con rmed the effectiveness of our proposed system through experiments.

Figure 1. Experimental result of telemanipulation (continuous photos)



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