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Researches: "Recognition and Behavior in Smart Systems"

Researches: "Recognition and Behavior in Smart Systems" 2024 version

The report of 266 page booklet (pdf file) includes brief descriptions of research subjects (142 themes), publication lists of papers, and a list of awards in English and Japanese. It can be downloaded freely.

We edit and upload the report in April every year. For the revised version, new research results are added and old subjects are deleted. Since lists of our activities such as publication lists are incrementally revised, all information on our research activities can be understood by the latest version except old research subjects. In addition, related videos are uploaded to our web pages, YouTube Ishikawa Group Laboratory Channel, and Second Channel of our Laboratory.

  Report   [ A4 x 266 pages: 39.6MB ]
Recognition and Behavior in Smart Systems 2024

  1. Concept
  2. Sensor Fusion
  3. Dynamic Vision System
  4. System Vision Design
  5. Active Perception
  6. Basic Concept and Technical Terms
  7. Papers
  8. Movies
  9. Awards
10. Members/Affiliation and Location

Past Reports

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