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Accurate pick-and-place under uncertainties by a dynamic compensation robot


It is challenging to realize accurate pick-and-place of tiny bearing balls under uncertainties. The uncertainties may be attributed to environmental disturbances as well as to positioning errors of a typical industrial robot. We propose to realize the task by a dynamic compensation robot. It consists of a commercial industrial robot and an add-on module with 2DOF compensation actuators. The former is for fast and coarse global motion realized either by coarse teaching-playback programming or by motion planning with the use of computer vision. The latter is to conduct real-time compensation in a local manner under high-speed visual feedback. In the demonstrations, random disturbances are exerted on the working stage. Along with the main robot conducting coarse global motion, fine positioning is realized by the compensation module under 1000 fps visual feedback. This technology is useful for robotic assembly applications where high accuracy is difficult to achieve under uncertain working environment.


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