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Dynamic Folding of a Cloth using Dual High-speed Multifingered Hands and Sliders


The purpose of this research is to achieve a dynamic manipulation of sheet-like flexible object. As one example of dynamic manipulations of sheet-like flexible object, dynamic folding of a cloth with two high-speed multifingered hands mounted on sliders system will be carried out. First, the dynamic folding by a human is analyzed in order to extract the necessary motion for achievement of this task. Second, a model of the cloth will be proposed by extending the linear flexible object model (algebra equation) using high-speed motion. Third, the motion planning of the robot system will be performed by using the proposed model and the simulation result will be shown. Fourth, a high-speed visual feedback (2 ms) is introduced in order to improve the success rate. Finally, the experiment with the trajectory obtained by the simulation and high-speed visual feedback will be executed.



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