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Active Assistant Robot - human robot cooperation based on a new high-speed vision


We propose an active assistant robot to realize high-performance manipulation that is traditionally difficult for human. In this line-following demonstration, human operator moves the assistant robot (2-DOFs) to realize coarse global-motion while keeping the target within the limited work range of the assistant robot. A projected square area is used as visual indication for human operation. With the active assistance of the robot based on 1,000Hz visual feedback in local manner, tracking error (between image center and line center) is reduced dramatically compared to that of human control motion. The robot is developed based on the dynamic compensation approach with a new high-speed vision system. 1,000 fps imaging and processing are implemented within a single Vision Chip simultaneously. This technology can be used in a broad range of application scenarios where required accuracy is beyond traditional human capability, such as laser cutting, welding, sealing as well as assembly.


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