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System Vision Design


In order to create system technology that can pioneer new applications with the high performance and high functionality, exquisite integration of three system factors; input, processing, and output technology are needed. When any factor of them is inadequate, the performance of the system is limited and potential applications will not be achieved. For constructing such innovative and harmonious system, it is important to comprehensively design the system not only with the three factors but also with understanding of physics in real world, mathematical principle and humans as a system.

The System Vision Design research group aims to create substantive and practical progress in various application areas based on the above design concepts by exploiting high-speed vision. We create various applications in the fields of robotics, inspection, video media engineering, man-machine interfaces, and digital archiving by making full use of high-speed sensing systems, algorithms and display systems based on measurement engineering, computer vision and parallel processing.

Research Topics

High-speed sensing system

Interfaces for high-speed image processing

High-speed display system

Research in the past

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