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Past What's New

Dec. 13 Added Stationary Observation System for High-speed Flying Objects.
- Renewed Saccade Mirror: High-speed Gaze Control Device using Rotational Mirrors.
Sep. 3 Renewed Menu.
Sep. 1 Renewed Members and High-Speed Variable-Focus Optical System for Extended Depth of Field.
Aug. 1 Added Wide Range Image Sensing Using a Thrown-up Camera.
Jun. 17 Dynamic Folding of a Cloth using Dual High-speed Multifingered Hand and Slider.
Apr. 1 Renewed Members.
- Added VolVision: High-speed Capture in Unconstrained Camera Motion.
May 31 Added High-Speed Focusing Vision.
Jan. 4 Added Dynamic Manipulation of a Linear Flexible Object with a High-speed Robot Arm.
Dec. 28 Added Catching a small object in high-speed motion.
Nov. 5 Renewed Dynamorph Lens: A High-Speed Liquid Lens with High Resolution.
Sep. 26 Added Quasi Stationary Observation of Dynamic Microorganism and High-speed Active Vision using Galvano Mirrors.
Sep. 17 Added High-Speed Variable-Focus Optical System for Extended Depth of Field, Synchronized Video: An Interface for Harmonizing Video with Body Movements, and High-resolution Shape Reconstruction from Multiple Range Images.
Aug. 25 "IshikawaLab Channel" was started in YouTube.
Aug. 17 Added Book Flipping Scanning.
Jul. 24 Added Throwing and Batting Robot System.
Jun. 2 Renewed Link.
May 12 Added Knotting manipulation based on skill synthesis.
Apr. 28 Renewed Facility
Oct. 28 Renewed Top Page's design.
Oct. 15 Renewed Meta Perception Movies.
Oct. 7 Added Multi-frame Simultaneous Alignment for Reconstruction of a High-resolution 3D Shape.
Oct. 6 Added The DeformableWorkspace: a Membrane between Real and Virtual Space.
Aug. 29 Renewed almost all Japanese pages in a unified format.
Aug. 25 Renewed High-Speed Tracking of Ascidian Spermatozoa.
- Added High-Speed Scanning Microscope by Depth From Diffraction (DFDi) Method and High-Speed DFDi Algorithm for Multiple Cells.
Aug. 19 Added Our friend Dr. Jacqueline Kirk, killed in Afghanistan.
Jun. 3 Rechanged the group photo in Members page.
Apr. 4 Changed the lab's name from Ishikawa Namiki Komuro Lab to Ishikawa Komuro Lab.
- Canged the research group's name from MVF:Micro Visual Feedback group to DIC:Dinamic Image Controlgroup.
- Renewed Papers List.
- Renewed Members.
- Renewed Print button.
Oct. 3 Added Processor for High-speed Moment-based Analysis of Numerous Objects.
Oct. 2 Added High-speed Vision with Massively Parallel Coprocessors.
Oct. 1 Added Real-time Particle Measurement/Fluid Measurement.
Jun. 7 Added Meta-Perception Movies.
Jun. 3 Renewed Former Members List.
- Added High-speed Throwing Motion Based on Wave Propagation.
Apr. 6 Added Real-time Shape Measurement of a Moving/Deforming Object.
Apr. 16 Renewed Vision Chip Movies.
Mar. 22 Renewed Dynamic Holding Using a High-speed Multifingered Hand.
Feb. 8 Added Parallel Extraction Architecture for Numerous Particles
Jan. 10 Added Ball Control in High-speed Batting Motion
Aug. 1 Added High-speed Catching System
Jul. 19 Added Real-time Visual Measurement: Target Counting / Rotation Measurement and Multi-target Tracking Algorithm.
Jun. 16 Renewal of English pages.
Mar. 30 Added Safe Human-Robot-Coexistence.
Feb. 3 Added Dynamic Holding Using a High-speed Multifingered Hand.
Jan. 15 Renewal of Japanese pages.
Jul. 1 Added Egg Catching.
May. 7 Renewed Vision Chip Movie page.
Apr. 21 Renewed Members Page.
Dec. 17 Added High-speed Batting.
Dec. 16 Replaced Top Page's Visual Servo photo.
Nov. 17 Renewed Sensor fusion movie Page.
Nov. 11 Added Dynamic Catching Using High-speed Hand System.
Oct. 13 Renewed Sensor fusion movie Page.
Oct. 9 Renewed Vision Chip Movie Page.
Sep. 25 Added A Sensor Selection Method Considering Communication Delays. Renewed Vision Chip Page.
Sep. 18 Renewed Vision Chip Movie Page.
Aug. 8 Renewed A system for tactile sense through human sensory nerve fiber.
Apr. 2 Renewed Sensor Fusion movie Page.
Apr. 1 Renewed High-speed Hand System and Sensor Fusion Page.
Feb. 28 Renewed Software A-D converting's page. (Renewed Experiment data and description.)
Nov. 20 Renewed Members Page.
Oct. 13 Added High Speed Hand Page.
Jul. 23 Added Vision Chip Association Page.
Jun. 3 Renewed Members Page.
Mar. 14 Added Software A-D converting's page.
Jan. 7 Added Dynamic Grasping Page and a Video.
May. 30 Renewed Members Page.
May. 28 Renewed Top Page's photos of Optimal Computing.
Apr. 2 Renewed Top Page's Affiliation, Members Page's Member list, OB OG list.
Mar. 26 Reordered OB OG list.
Mar. 13 Renewed laboratory facility Page.
Dec. 4 The content of the 0.35um test chip has been renewed to one of V4.3. Renewed Top page's and Vision Chip page's photos of a chip.
Dec. 3 Added a picture in Vision Chip Page. Renewed Vision Chip System Page. Added Vision Chip Controller Architecture Page.
Sep. 28 Added new contents(in Japanese) to Vision Chip's page.
Sep. 1 Whole site has been renewed as Prof. Hashimoto arrived.
Jul. 5 Renewed Graduation thesis/Master's thesis/Doctoral thesis's page.
Jul. 4 Top Page's and Location's phone number has been replaced by a new one.
Jul. 1 Members Page has been replaced by a new one.
Jun. 26 A movie of the reconfigurable free-space optical interconnection is opened in the server.[2.07MB mpg]
Jun. 7 Added sitemap.
Jun. 2 Maked CPV's page.
Apr. 21 Renewed facility's list of Facility page.
Apr. 14 Renewed Members Page.
Apr. 3 Renewed Members Page's Member list.
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