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Quasi Stationary Observation of Dynamic Microorganism


We have realized 3-D Tracking System in order to observe dynamic microorganism continuously and stably. The movies captured by this system, however, included mere small blurring and microorganism's rotation as problems. Therefore we resolved it using image processing in addition to the conventional system, which was named "2nd-pass Image Processing."

Fig.1 AlgorithmFig.2 Experimental Result
Upper: 2nd-pass Filter OFF, Lower: 2nd-pass Filter ON


We could successfully observe dynamic microorganism using 2nd-pass Image Processing.


  1. Kohei Okumura, Takeshi Hasegawa, Hiromasa Oku and Masatoshi Ishikawa : The quasi stationary observation of dynamic microorganism, RSJ26 (Kobe Japan Sep 2008)
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