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Real-time Particle Measurement/Fluid Measurement


Objects of particle measurement include tablets, food granules, metallic particles, fluorescent particles, biologic cells, and so on. In this measurement, we need to observe numerous particles at a time and obtain information of each one such as size, position, moving velocity and shape. This can be used in still-image-based inspection and video-based fluid analysis. However, the conventional ones are mainly based on off-line operation or light scattering data analysis.

Introduction of high-frame-rate image processing is expected to lead the expansion in the range of its applications. For example, it enables to give advantages such as real-time operation, detail observation of moving particles, increase of number of particles, and high flexibility by pattern analysis. Here, we show two examples using a high-speed vision for numerous-point analysis.

Fig. 1 shows the trajectories of particles in a flowing fluid measured at 955 fps. Fig. 2 and 3 show the results of pattern classification of moving particles with different sizes.

Fig.1 Real-time Fluid Measurement

Fig.2 Size Classification of Moving Particles

Fig.3 Collision Analysis of Moving Particles

Movies -Fluid Measurement-


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