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Synchronized Video: An Interface for Harmonizing Video with Body Movements


Synchronized Video is a video control technique that shows frames in synchronization with real-world actions. Suitable video content for this type of video interface includes learning forms of exercise and assembly of structural objects. In the proposed system, the user feels as if he or she is standing in front of a strange mirror where there is a virtual human performing the correct actions in synchronization. Also, the proposed technology is effective for projecting target images onto real-world objects serving as a screen, for recreating the same situation as in prepared video content.

Fig. 1 Metaphor of Synchronized Video

The synchronization in this proposed interface is achieved without the user performing any explicit operations. The state created in the real world by the user is what directly controls the video. This design allows transparent video control for users. The intended frames could be provided intuitively in a continuous form.

Fig. 2 Prototype configuration



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