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Meta Perception Movies

scoreLight (2009-)

scoreLightLogo • Video demo
   [65MB, wmv]   [83MB, mov]
• Musical cones [12MB, wmv]
• Collaborative play [25MB, wmv]

The Deformable Workspace (2008-)

• Prototype & dynamic projection
  onto the deformable surface
  (720x540)   [7.3MB, wmv]
• Multi-touch 3D manipulation
  (720x540)   [19.4MB, wmv]
• 3D freehand drawing & 3D
  sculpture  (720x540)   [12.9MB, wmv]
• Volume slicing (720x540)
  [6.3MB, wmv]

boxed Ego (2008-)

• Video demo [35MB, wmv]

Sticky Light (2008-)

"Sticky light" table configuration
  high quality [100MB, wmv]
  low quality [27MB, wmv]

Khronos Projector (2005-)

1 Random examples
   (many more here)
• Instant Cubism [4MB, wmv]
• Sunset [7MB, wmv]
• Okinawa Sunset (taken in Naha)
   [14MB, wmv]
• SuiSha (water mill, filmed in
   Hokkaido) [23MB, wmv]
• Candles [4MB, wmv]
• Watermelon [5MB, wmv]
• Live Video [22MB, wmv]
   (from TIMESCAPE installation).
Complete Demos
  • SIGGRAPH2005
    [40MB, wmv]    [8MB, wmv]
    [72MB, mov]    [10MB, mov]
  • ArsElectronica2006
    [178MB, wmv]

Haptic Radar (2006-)

1 Prototype proof-of-principle
collision-avoidance experiment
• Video demo [21MB, wmv]
   [131MB, mov]   [29MB, mov]
Computer-controlled headband simulator (virtual maze)
• Video demo [10MB, wmv]
Wireless headband prototype with light signaling
• Video demo [45MB, wmv]

Parallax Augmented Desktop (2007-)

Demo Parallax Augmented Desktop
• Presentation of the system
  [10MB, wmv]
Usability tests
• Preliminary usability tests
   [18MB, wmv]

Volume Slicing Display (2006-)

Prototype using LED-based tracking and plexiglass
• Whole demo [11.0MB, wmv]
Details :
• Lemon Slices1 [3.0MB, wmv]
• Lemon Slices2 [7.06MB, wmv]
• Body Slices1 [7.0MB, wmv]
• Body Slices2 [5.45MB, wmv]

3D Retractable Mouse with Haptic Feedback

Demo retractable 3D mouse with haptic feedback
• Drawing in space [2.3MB, wmv]
Usability tests
• Second prototype [9.2MB, wmv]

Tele Ping-Pong (2005-)

• Prototype tele-air-hockey system
  (linear motor and projection
  screen not installed)
  [3.5MB, wmv]
• Sending momentum data
  through TCP/IP [3.2MB, wmv]
• Old related research: air-hockey
  with vision chip [5.3MB, mpg]

Smart Laser Scanner (2003-)

1 Markerless finger tracking:
• Simple Tracking in 3D space   [12MB, wmv]
• Writing in the air (old prototype)   [1MB, wmv]
• Simultaneous tracking fingers
  on same and separate hands
  [296KB, avi]   [402KB, wmv]
• Bouncing of a ping-pong ball :   racket [394KB, wmv]
  free bouncing
  [2.5MB, wmv]   [3.8MB, wmv]
• Laser display / alphanumeric
  feedback : handwriting copy
  [3.7MB, wmv]
  interactive depth-writing
  [1.7MB, wmv]
Gestural interface (proof-of-principle) demos:
• Video editing at the tip of the finger
  (rewind/forward, 2d scroll and
  zooming) [8.6MB, wmv]
• Map navigation (2d scroll and
  zooming) [5.1MB, wmv]
• Multiple users: [1.7MB, wmv]
  [1MB, wmv]   [2.8MB, wmv]
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