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Short-time Measurement of Visual Material using Spectral Reflectance Characteristics and Natural Cooling Characteristics


Humans have the ability to perceive the visual materials of objects sensitively, and if it is possible to acquire the visual materials from real objects as sensitively as humans, applications in various situations will be realized. Many methods to acquire visual materials have been proposed under the measurement-based or estimation-based approach, but with either method there was room for improvement in some points such as the length of acquiring time, the reliability of the result, and the restrictions of the target. The proposed method aims to acquire parameters of visual material in a short time by focusing on the two characteristics of the object: spectral reflectance characteristics and natural cooling characteristics. Since the proposed method is measurement-based, the reliability of the result is expected to be high, and the only restriction of the target is that it is solid. The evaluation shows, the classification of materials was performed correctly with about 98% accuracy, and the calculation of surface roughness parameters tended to follow the theory. In addition, the possibility of measurement in a short time about dozens of seconds was shown.

Fig.1 Material samples.
Fig.2 Measured roughness.


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