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Viewpoint-dependent Image Projection onto Dynamic Objects by Dynamic Projection Mapping


In recent years, various 3D displays have been studied to present 3D models intuitively in a three-dimensional manner. However, these displays have some problems. For example, when humans try to perform a dynamic movement such as dancing with conventional 3D displays, they will feel heavy and difficult to move and a power cord will disturb the movement. Moreover, conventional 3D displays have a large risk of failure, as by falling. In this study, we propose a method for projecting viewpoint-dependent images by dynamic projection mapping onto a lenticular lens that can be easily carried by humans. Dynamic projection mapping is a technique using high-speed sensing and projection for projecting images as if to be stuck to an object even if it moves or deforms quickly. Besides, a lenticular lens is an optical sheet that can present a viewpoint-dependent picture or a three-dimensional picture by printing a composite image that combines multiple images on the flat surface of the lens. Since a lenticular lens is lightweight enough to carry and hardly break when dropped, it is suitable for the purpose of this study.

When projecting composite images onto a moving lenticular lens, the two factors described below causes unintended display. First, display with a lenticular lens is sensitive to misalignment of the projected image because a composite image is decomposed in a totally incorrect manner even with slight misalignment. Second, there is system delay between sensing the position of the lenticular lens and projecting the image. In this study, in order to correct the misalignment caused by the system delay, we defined an index measuring quality of the viewpoint-dependent video, and estimated the system delay time from the index. By correcting the position of images based on the estimated system delay, we improved the quality of the viewpoint-dependent video.

Fig. 1 Projection System
Fig. 2 Projection Result


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