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INORI -PRAYER-: Collaboration with WOW, TOKYO, and AyaBambi


New work "INORI -PRAYER-" is created by the collaboration between WOW, TOKYO, AyaBambi, and Ishikawa Watanabe Laboratory, University of Tokyo. WOW is a visual design studio internationally respected by projection mapping onto a face and productions using computer graphics. TOKYO is a production team winning global awards by video products and commercials. AyaBambi is a world-class group of dancer collaborating with Maddonna, and etc. Ishikawa Watanabe Laboratory, University of Tokyo is a research group creating various high-speed systems such as Dynamic Projection Mapping which fuses sensing and projection technologies whose speeds are fastest level in the world.

This work introduces an original technology of projection mapping onto faces and hands of performing dancers. The original projection mapping technology enables the projection onto a moving body with small delays by which the misalignment is difficult to be perceived even while active performances. Also this technology can apply projection mapping to two dancers simultaneously. The used projector is DynaFlash which has been jointly developed by Ishikawa Watanabe Laboratory, University of Tokyo and Tokyo Electron Device Limited. This is a high-speed projector and can project 8-bit-level images up to 1,000 fps with the minimum delay of 3 ms. Also, WOW and Ishikawa Watanabe Laboratory, University of Tokyo collaborate to newly construct a projection mapping system specialized for this work. In particular, high-speed image generation, high-speed projection, and high-speed hand tracking are based on Dynamic Projection Mapping technology developed by Ishikawa Watanabe Laboratory, University of Tokyo. Face tracking and projection onto a face is based on the Face Mapping technology developed by WOW. These elemental technologies are extended for this new work. The projected virtual images closely connecting with the dynamic real motion are unified with bodies as if it were the parts of skin and realize advanced representations in which body is metamorphosed.

Photos are from work introduction page by WOW and "INORI (prayer) / Making".

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  • Shootings
    • Tomorio Takahashi [Gaffer]
    • Hisashi Morikawa / Mie Inaba / Akihiko Imai [Light Assistant]
    • Takashi Ideguchi [Camera 1st Assistant]
    • Shibuya Hiromi / Fujii Ryosuke [Camera 2nd Assistant]
    • Setsu Fukushima / Ryosuke Taniguchi [Music - Ongakushitsu Inc.]
    • Yosuke Nagao [Music Composer]

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  • INORI (prayer) / Making

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