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Brobdingnagian Glass: A Micro-Stereoscopic Telexistence System using a Vibrating Curved Mirror


This is a device for experiencing the dwarf's world through stereoscopic vision. With this system, you can experience the world of a person who is 1/38 of real scale, about 5cm tall.


The worldview of a human depends on his/her body size, and by virtually realizing the body size at a certain scale, it is possible to obtain a worldview corresponding to that scale.

In particular, the following three parameters are essential for binocular stereoscopic vision (Fig. 1):

  • Interpupillary Distance (IPD)
  • Least Distance of Distinct Vision (LDDV)
  • Eye Level (EL)

In order for humans to perform binocular stereoscopic vision correctly, these parameters need to be scaled appropriately. However, in previous methods that treat two cameras as two eyes, there are lower limits of the IPD and the LDDV because of the size of the cameras.

Therefore, we solve this problem by vibrating the spherical mirror. The system operation procedure is as follows (Fig. 2).

  1. Vibrate the mirror
  2. Capture the left image when the mirror is on the left
  3. Capture the right image when the mirror is on the right
  4. Map the surrounding landscape to the CG space based on the captured image
  5. Display it through HMD
  6. Repeat above

The system is designed that the object to be observed is placed on the stage. The state of the stage and the image projected on the head-mounted display are as shown in Fig. 3.

With this system, users can experience a world that is 1/38 of real scale. A human in this scale is about 5cm tall.

The IPD is set to 1.72 mm in the current system, but the IPD is determined by the amplitude of the vibration of the mirror, so the IPD can be made infinitely small depending on the performance of the device used for vibration.

Fig. 1 Important parameters for binocular stereoscopic vision.
Fig. 2 System operation flow.
Fig. 3 (a) Brobdingnagian Glass system. Output images for the (b) left and (c) right eyes.
You are a predator and also a prey in this scale.


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