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Fast Archiving System with Touch Interaction using Wearable High-speed Vision


Recently, as a mobile device with camera such as smartphone and web service in which we can upload pictures such as blogs and SNS have become more popular, many people take pictures for the purpose of archiving information and daily life more frequently. However, the traditional archiving method requires a long time because we need to take out a camera, gaze target in the finder and press the shutter.

Based on this background, we propose a fast archiving system with touch interaction by which we can archive targets easier and faster. In this archiving system, we archive targets with hand-touch interaction to real targets using a wearable wrist-band typed device having high-speed vision. For seamless archiving, this system aims to realize the function of choosing the best shot from captured images and save it automatically.

In order to realize this archiving system, we propose the method of detecting hand-touch interaction that can be realized on the condition that all components can be put on wrist-band wearable device. In the developed system, we used the data of acceleration by a 3D accelerometer and the sound of hand-touch by a microphone. Also we propose the method of choosing the best shot from the images captured while the archiving action. This method is based on target tracking using active contour models.

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