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DPM-1000: Dynamic projection mapping system using high-speed color projector and high-speed vision chip


Projectors are powerful tools for display in AR(Augmented Reality), entertainment, and user interface. Moreover, in the field of robotics and industry, they are used also for sensing systems with cameras. However, the mainstream of conventional projectors has slow framerates (30-120fps) and it is not enough to deceive human vision or to maximize the performance of a system using high-speed industrial robots.

To solve such problems, we developed DynaFlash, which can project 8bit grayscale images at 1,000fps, and this projector has already been commercialized. Furthermore, we newly developed a 1,000fps 24bit high-speed color projector (Fig.1) and realized high-speed, low-latency, and high-luminance projection (Fig.2).

In this project, we combined the developed projector, which enables 1,000fps projection, with HSV-MC1 (Fig.3) using a 3D-stacked vision chip, which enables 1,000fps sensing and 1,000fps image processing, and developed DPM-1000 (Fig.4). This DPM-1000 performs all steps, namely input, process, and output at 1,000fps, and enables immersive dynamic projection mapping with spatio-temporal consistency (Fig.5, 6). By using these high-speed vision devices and uniquely developed techniques for dynamic projection mapping, we virtually overwrite not only optical properties such as texture (Fig.7) and material but also mechanical properties including elasticity (Fig.8), and are aiming to construct a new information environment linking the virtual world with the real world seamlessly.

Fig.1 High-speed color projector
Fig.2 1,000fps 24bit projection
Fig.3 High-speed vision, HSV-MC1
Fig.4 DPM-1000
Fig.5 Projection target (before)
Fig.6 Projection target (after)
Fig.7 Dynamic projection mapping
Fig.8 Virtual elasticity by ElaMorph projection
Digital Emily (3D model and texture): USC Institute for Creative Technologies, Happy Buddha (3D model): Stanford Computer Graphics Laboratory


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