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Research outline of "High-speed projector and its applications"


In conventional projectors, the frame rate is low and the latency to output images is large. However, the roles of a projector are not currently limited in the projection to a fixed and flat screen. Such bottleneck in speed performance blocks the creation of next-generation applications. This problem affects the wide-ranging areas such as projection mapping, digital signage, user interface, augmented reality, image sensing for robot control and inspection, and so on. Speed is the powerful key to evolve a projector.

Based on this background, we have developed a new high-speed projector "DynaFlash". We break through the limits in the projector by closely coordinating mirror control based on a Digital Micromirror Device (DMD) with the control of a high-brightness LED and achieve 8-bit-level image projection up to 1,000 fps with the minimum delay of 3 ms. This type of high-speed projector can extend the real world captured by human drastically. For example, it enables dynamic projection mapping perfectly coordinating with dynamically-changing real world by combining with 1,000-fps high-speed vision we have developed originally. Moreover, we can consider that a high-speed projector can be regarded as an illumination device whose brightness change cannot be perceived by human. As a promising application, this concept can create a new type of realistic display generating visually perceived images made by physical objects.

High-speed projector

Dynamic projection mapping

Photos are from work introduction page by WOW and "INORI (prayer) / Making".

Realistic display using physical objects and high-speed illumination


  • Masatoshi Ishikawa: Interactive Display Technologies Using High-speed Image Processing, TI DLP Workshop Japan 2016.10.19
  • Yoshihiro Watanabe: See the Unseen: Computational Visual Sensing and Display at High Speed, Seminar at NARA Institute of Science and Technology, 2016.10.3.
  • Yoshihiro Watanabe: See the Unseen: Computational Visual Sensing and Display at High Speed, The 75th TAOYAKA Program Seminar, 2016.9.5.
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