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Dynamic Vision System


Various phenomena including humans basically have dynamics, and many of them cannot be handled with conventional sensing methods. Dynamic Vision System (DVS) is a system that adaptively measures, understands, and applies dynamic objects using a vision which is devised in optics. Utilizing dynamic measurement systems corresponding to the target dynamics makes it possible to perform advanced measurement and information presentation that eliminates the dynamics, which is one of the causes of information quality deterioration, and can be expected to create various new applications.

DVS is a research concept aiming at establishment and development of new image measurement technology by both the development of fundamental technology with devised optics/processing and various application development to dynamic targets. Specifically, it has realized applications in a wide range of fields such as visual media, human interface, inspection/FA, sports, medical/biotechnology, and aims to expand further basic technology and application development.

Research Topics

High-speed Optical Axis Controller and its applications

Variable Optical Systems

Variable Focus Lens and its applications

Image Processing / Image Measurement Algorithm

Research in the past

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