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High-speed Projection Feedback for Golf Swing Training


Golf swing as one of the sports motion is fast, and it is necessary to acquire accurate and reproducible swing motion skills to hit a good shot. In common training methods, however, users often use tablet devices to confirm their motion quality with the measurement results of motion capture systems or acceleration sensors after the swing. Such a large latency from measuring the motion to providing visual information is considered to decrease a training efficiency. Low-latency information feedback from the measurement to display is expected to have a high learning effect due to the temporal consistency between the motion experience and the feedback information in addition to increasing the number of trials.

We propose a method to project three-dimensional geometric information of the golf swing onto the ground at high speed (Fig. 1). The method utilizes a mirror-based high-speed tracking system and a high-speed low-latency projecor. The high-speed visual tracking of a golf club with markers near the clubhead enables three-dimensional posture measurement only with a single high-speed camera and quick estimation of swing information such as a swing plane. By using the high-speed projector to immediately project the geometric swing information on the ground, the users can obtain visual feedback information on their swing quality during and immediately after the swing. For example, the validity of the swing trajectory can be visually recognized before the clubhead reaches a ball in the projection of the line representing the swing plane (Fig. 2). While further improvement of the swing information projective expression is necessary for an effective training, various sports applications are expected as real-time training systems by the high-speed projection feedback.

Fig.1 System configuration.
Fig.2 Swing plane line projection.


Projection of the swing plane line
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