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Document Digitization and its Quality Improvement using a Multi-camera Array


Toward the non-destructive and high-speed digital archiving, Book Flipping Scanning has been proposed. As one of the system realizing this concept, BFS-Auto have been proposed, which mounts two element technologies including Adaptive capturing and Automatic page turner machine. Also, for the resolution improvement of the digitized document image, we propose a method achieving both rectification and stitching of the distorted document images which are captured with a system configuration in which multiple cameras are arranged with small overlapping captured areas. However, in this method, those multi-view images are captured at the same timing. As the page deforms freely while pages are flipped, such capture strategy is not always optimal.

In this research, we propose a new system controlling the capturing timing of four high-resolution cameras individually based on the adaptive capturing approach introduced in BFS-Auto. Those high-resolution cameras captures a single page with small overlapping areas. In addition, toward high-quality document digitization, we introduce a new method to optimize the boundary between the different-view images. Experimental results show that our method enables around 1,000-dpi high-speed and high-resolution document digitization.


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