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High-speed and High-definition Document Digitalization System based on Adaptive Scanning using Real-time 3D Sensing


There is a growing demand for book digitization. However, the conventional technology cannot meet the demands for ease-of-use and high-speed book digitization. One emerging solution that meets these demands is Book Flipping Scanning. This is a new style of scanning in which all pages of a book are captured while a user continuously flips through the pages without stopping at each page. Although this new technology has had a tremendous impact in the field of book digitization, it has a problem with the resolution of the digitized document image.

The key point for the improvement of the resolution is in the visual sensing technique which enables adaptive capture to the dynamically changing phenomena. It is expected that effective high-resolution sensing can be achieved by controlling the visual sensing according to the optimal moment occurring at an unpredictable timing. Based on this approach, we propose a new hybrid sensing system consisting of high-speed 3D sensing and high-resolution imaging. This system can achieve high-resolution document digitization by recognizing an optimal timing adaptively from the 3D deformation of the pages observed at high-speed in real-time.

System(Left), Observed image(Center), Rectified image(Right)

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