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• General
• Information Environment
 Sensor Fusion
• Towel Handling
• Drone Control
• MagLinkage Robot Hand
• Rubik's Cube Solving Robot
• Proximity Sensor and Applications
• Running Robot Robust Running
• Running Robot 2nd Version
• Human Robot Cooperation
• Dynamic Compensation
• Button Spinner
• Janken Robot 3rd Version
• Baseball Robots
• Running Robot 1st Version
• Batting & Throwing Robots
• Janken Robot 2nd Version
• Janken Robot 2nd ver.
- Video in Press
• Janken Robot 1st Version
• Janken Robot 1st ver.
- Video in Press
• High Speed Robot Hand
 Dynamic Vision System
• Dynamic Projection Mapping
• VarioLight, VarioLight 2
• 3D Head-Up-Display
• Lumipen, Lumipen 2
• Variable Focus Lens
• 1ms Auto Pan/Tilt
 System Vision Design
• High-speed Color Projector
• Projection Mapping on Face
• Dynamic Projection Mapping
• Physical Material Display
• High Speed Projector
• BFS-Auto
• Book Flipping Scanning
• 3D Input in the Air
• Vision Chip
• Gesture UI
 Active Parception
• Optical Illusion
• Gesture UI for zSpace
• AIRR Tablet
• Invoked Computing
• scoreLight / Sticky Light
• Volume Slicing Display
• HapticRader
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      High Speed Information Environment
Sensor Fusion, High Speed Robots
      Towel Handling
      Drone Control
      MagLinkage Robot Hand
      Rubik's Cube Solving Robot
      Proximity Sensor and Its Applications for Robot Hands
      High-speed Running Robot Robust Running
      High-speed Running Robot 2nd Version
      Human Robot Cooperation
      Dynamic Compensation
      Button Spinner
      Janken (Rock-Paper-Scissors) Robot 3rd Version
      Baseball Robots
      High-speed Running Robot 1st Version
      Batting and Throwing Robots
      Janken (Rock-Paper-Scissors) Robot 2nd Version
      Janken (Rock-Paper-Scissors) Robot 2nd Version Video in Press
      Janken (Rock-Paper-Scissors) Robot 1st Version
      Janken (Rock-Paper-Scissors) Robot 1 st Version Video in Press
      High Speed Robot Hand
Dynamic Vision System / High Speed Image Tracking System
      Dynamic Projection Mapping
      VarioLight, VarioLight 2
      3D Head-Up-Display
      Lumipen, Lumipen 2
      High Speed Variable Focus Lens, Dynamorph Lens
      1ms Auto Pan/Tilt
System Vision Design / Massively Parallel and Ultra High Speed Vision Systems
      High-speed Color Projector
      Dynamic Projection Mapping on Face
      Dynamic Projection Mapping
      Physical Material Display
      High Speed Projector
      Book Flipping Scanning
      3D Input Interface in the Air
      Vision Chip
      Gesture UI
Meta Parception
      Optical Illusion
      High Speed Gesture UI for zSpace
      AIRR Tablet
      Invoked Computing
      scoreLight / Sticky Light
      Volume Slicing Display
      Haptic Rader
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