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News Papers and Journals

  • "Japan to up U.S. teacher exchanges 'Joy of making' gets dazzling results Robotics expert uses ultrafast cameras to make tomorrow's wonder devices", THE DAILY YOMIURI, 2011.1.11
  • "High speed vision sensor and quick robotic hand enable a robot to catch a ball", Yoshihiro Kusuda, Industrial Robot : An International Journal, Vol.30, No.4, pp.319- 321 (2003)
  • "Robot Manipulator Grips Like a Hand", Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Vol.18, No.9 / Sep. 15, 1997
  • "Sensor Fusion I: Getting it all together", Japan Times, 1989.11.15
  • "Industrial Products Research Institute has developed an intelligent tactile sensor", Techgram JAPAN, 1988.5
  • "Industrial Products Research Institute has developed a dedicated LSI for processing signals from a tactile sensor.", Techgram Japan, 1986.6
    High Speed Book Scanner
  • "Speedy scanner re-writes book on publishing technology", The Washington Post, (2010.4.16)
  • "Speedy scanner re-writes book on publishing technology", REUTERS NEWSPRO, (2010.4.16)
    Vision Chip
  • "Vision chip enables robots to see what they're doing", OE Report, September 1999
  • "Vision chip blends detection with image processing", EETimes, Aug 3, 1999
  • "High-Performance Visual Sensor System", New Technology Japan, Vol.21, No.2, p.18 (1993)
    Optical Computer
  • "Programmable optoelectronic cellular processor", Holography, Vol.4, No.2, p.5 (1994.6)
  • "Optical Interconnection Using Hologram", New Technology Japan, Vol.21, No.8, p.16 (1993)
  • "Neural Networks : Thinking of the Future", BUSINESS TOKYO, 1988.8
  • "Das Menschen-Gehirn mit Licht nachgebaut", hobby, 1988.7
  • "Optical Computer Developed", Mainichi Daily News, (1988.3.11)
  • "New optical computer can program itself by mimicking human learning", The Japan Times, (1988.3.12)
    Other Issue
  • "Top schools eye uneasy alliance with private sector", The Japan Times , (2001.12.27)

Web (link)

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  • FINANCIAL TIMES "Flying cars and holograms: Japan’s hopes for 2020 Olympics, The nation hopes the games can spur tech advances like those of 1964" (2017.10)
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