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Overviews on Our Researches

Please visit the following four group pages. There are links to overview pages on our researches from group pages.
Annual Report on Our Researches (Downloadable)
Annual Report on Masatoshi Ishikawa's Researches (Downloadable)

Recent news on Our Laboratory

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  • If you register to the laboratory Facebook page you can choose to get notified when new articles are added. We will update the Facebook page with news related to the lab as it becomes available, such as articles in newspapers, major magazines and major websites, information about events, introductions of the lab in the media, uploaded videos etc.

List of Awards:

  • List of Awards: We obtained 140 awards including 17 best paper awards from domestic academic circles and 26 best paper awards from international conferences

Introductions in Papers and Media on Newspapers, Journals, and Web

List of Papers
List of Introductions in Media


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