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Dynamic Image Control / Micro Visual Feedback Movies

Lumipen: Projection-based AR for Dynamic Objects

• Lumipen Movie
    [11.1MB, wmv]

1ms Auto Pan-Tilt

• 1ms Auto Pan-Tilt (Saccade Mirror)
    High Quality [41.9MB, wmv]
    Low Quality [6.4MB, wmv]

Stationary Observation System for High-speed Flying Objects

• Stabilized observation of
  a dynamic rubber ball
   [1.5MB, wmv]

High-speed Active Vision using Galvano Mirrors

• High-speed Pan-scanning :
  1/500 slow-motion movie
   [8.6MB, mpg]

High Speed Focusing Vision

• High Speed Auto Focusing
   [3.1MB, wmv]
• High Speed Focus Tracking
   [14.7MB, wmv]

High-Speed Variable-Focus Optical System for
Extended Depth of Field

• Extended DOF movie
  with high-framerate
  (Swinging Strings)
   [16.8MB, wmv]
• EExtended DOF movie
  with high-framerate
  (Rotating Object)
   [11.6MB, wmv]

Dynamorph Lens (DML): High-Speed Liquid Lens
with High Resolution

• A movie of prototype
   [3.3MB, wmv]
• High-speed focus switching
   [13.3MB, wmv]

High-Speed Scanning Microscope by Depth From
Diffraction (DFDi) Method

• High-speed autofocus
   [2.2MB, wmv]
• High-speed autofocus
  while view-field scanning
   [7.3MB, wmv]

High-Speed Tracking of Ascidian

• Chemotactic reaction of the
   [5.7MB, wmv]

Three-dimensional tracking of a motile

• Tracking Method Explanation
   [0.6MB, wmv]
• Computer generated animation of
  the swimming paramecium
   [4.0MB, wmv]

Microrobotic Control of Motile Cells using High-
Speed Tracking

• Open-Loop Control [3MB, mpg]
• Closed-Loop Control [5MB, mpg]

Microscopic Visual Feedback

• Micro Visual Feedback
  (Tracking Paramecium)
   HighQuality [7.7MB, mpg],    LowQuality [1.3MB, mpg]
• Micro Visual Feedback
  (vibration control)
   HighQuality [11.9MB, mpg],    LowQuality [1.2MB, mpg]
• Micro Visual Feedback
  (Line Search)
   HighQuality [8.7MB, mpg],    LowQuality [1.3MB, mpg]

1ms Visual Feedback System

• 1ms Target Tracking
  (short movie)
   [1.5MB, mpg]
• High Speed Target Tracking
  (short movie)
   [1.5MB, mpg]
• 1ms Visual Feedback System
  (full length movie)
   [26.8MB, mpg]
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