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Terms of Service

Ishikawa Group Laboratory (hereinafter called our lab) sets the following Terms of Service for using " (Services for High-speed Image Processing - Videos)" that our lab provides.

1 User
1.  The user is recognized as an individual, an organization , or a laboratory that agrees to the "Terms of Service", completes the application procedure for using , and is accepted as a "User" by our lab.
2 Application for using and Acceptance
1.  A person who wants to apply (hereinafter called applicant) to use must follow the procedure below .
(1)  You understand the content of the Terms of Service and agree to abide by them. On that basis, you apply for registration by following the procedure set out by our lab.
(2)  You need to correctly register the necessary information (your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and other information requested by our lab on the registration screen).
2.  Our lab indicates its intention to assent your registration by accepting the application, checking the contents and issuing an ID and PASSWORD.
3.  Your ID for is your e-mail address.
4.  At the time of registration, in cases where our lab judges that you fall under one of the following categories, our lab will not assent your registration and will cancel it with the user's permission .
(1)  When user is not real, and there is false information, mistakes, or incomplete forms.
(2)  When our lab judges that the registering user has bad intentions.
(3)  When our lab judges that the registration would violate the law.
(4)  When our lab judges that the registration is inadequate for any reason other than those listed above.
3 Obligations regarding management of your registration information
1.  Our lab bans users from providing IDs and PASSWORDs to third persons. Also, all damage caused by user's mismanagement, mistakes and any third party's unfair use is the user's own responsibility. For this reason, if our lab suffers any damage, the user will accept all liability and pay compensation for all damage. In cases where a user's ID and PASSWORD have been found to be used, or are almost used, illegally, the user must declare this to our lab at once, and take action such as changing the ID and PASSWORD or stopping using .
4 Responsibilities
The user will observes the following points
1.  The user will not use for illicit purposes.
2.  The user will not infringe copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual properties that belong to our lab and third persons, related to information that includes.
3.  The user will observe the steps that our lab sets out when the user sends information for using to our lab. If the user neglects any of these steps, our lab will not accept liability for the result.
4.  The user must not sell or transfer the rights as user.
5.  The user must not commit any of the following acts concerning
(1)  an act that is offensive to public order and morals
(2)  an act that prevents the running of by fair means or foul
(3)  an act for obtaining a profit
(4)  an act of using an ID or PASSWORD illegally
(5)  an act that our lab judges to be improper for a reason other than those listed above
5 Handling of personal information
1.  The items that the user provides our lab at the time of registration are recorded in a database in our lab. The user agrees that the information recorded in the database (hereinafter called registration information) is owned by our lab and can be used by our lab for running . In particular, our lab may inform the user of updates to the contents of .
2.  Our lab will not use registration information for any purpose other than running , and will protects the information strictly. Our lab will not supply to any third party personally-identifiable information for purposes other than the following.
(1)  When user agrees that such information may be supplied.
(2)  When stipulated by law
(3)  When necessary for the protection of people's lives and property and it difficult to obtain the user's agreement
(4)  When our lab must cooperate with official bodies and it is difficult to obtain the user's agreement.
6 Duty to change information
1.  If the user's registration information changes, the user must inform our lab of the changes in an orderly manner without delay. If not changing the information would be to the detriment of the user, our lab does not accept any liability.
7 Stopping use and deletion of registration information
1.  When the user wants to stop using or delete registration information, the user must inform our lab and supply his or her ID (user's e-mail address) .
8 Manner of giving notices to users
1.  Notices from our lab to users are conveyed by e-mail, notices posted on the website or any other method that our lab thinks fit.
2.  In the case of e-mail, our lab recognizes that a notice has been furnished to users when our lab sends users e-mail. Users are required to check e-mails about without delay.
3.  In the case of notices posted on the website , our lab recognizes that a notice has been furnished to users when users access and check the notice.
9 Manner of giving notices to our lab
1.  Notices from users to our lab must be conveyed by a web-form or any other method that our lab thinks fit (by telephone and in writing).
2.  In the case of e-mail, our lab recognizes that we have received notice from a user when the user sends our lab an e-mail.
3.  Our lab attempts to reply by e-mail within a few days (except for Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays). Our lab may not reply when our lab judges that it would be improper to do so .
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