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Wearable Man-machine Interface Using a High-Speed Vision Chip


We developed a compact vision system for wearable interface applications using a vision chip. The vision chip is capable of real-time vision at higher frame rates than the video frame rate with a single chip. Using this system, vision-based wearable man-machine interfaces, such as a portable eye tracker and a six-degrees-of-freedom input device, can be realized at higher frame rates than ever before.

Fig.1 6D input controller



  1. Takashi Komuro, Björn Werkmann, Takashi Komai, Masatoshi Ishikawa, Shingo Kagami : A High-Speed and Compact Vision System Suitable for Wearable Man-machine Interfaces, Proc. IAPR 10th Conference on Machine Vision Applications(MVA2007)/pp.199-202 (2007) [PDF]
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