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High Speed Target Tracking Vision Chip


A new architecture for compact and low-cost vision chips by single-purpose specialization has been designed. It features (1) the function is limited to binary target tracking, (2) hardware implementation of the Self Windowing algorithm, (3) dedicated moment extraction circuit. Collaborating with Nippon Precision Circuit Inc., 64x64 pixel prototype chips are produced, as well as compact modules with a 48x32 pixel chip.

Fig.1 Architecture of high speed target tracking vision chip

Fig.2 Developed compact module and demo software


  1. Takashi Komuro, Idaku Ishii, Masatoshi Ishikawa and Atsushi Yoshida: A Digital Vision Chip Specialized for High-speed Target Tracking, IEEE transactions on Electron Devices, Vol.50, No.1, pp.191-199 (2003) [PDF]
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