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Coloring Method of Black-and-White High-Speed Projection Images


These days, a projector DynaFlash which can project 8-bit gray images at 1,000 frames per second was developed and came to be available for consumers. However, it cannot project full-color images. Therefore, in this research, we propose a system which enables us to perceive colored images using a black-and-white projector without losing its speed of projection by applying Land’s two-color method, which claims that images made from only two light sources (white and red) can be seen colorfully. We integrated this method with our optical system in which two images superimposed at the same time from a projector combine on the screen after being reflected by mirrors.

Models of the system
The whole system
Projected images
A result of projection


  1. Haruka Ikeda, Tomohiko Hayakawa, and Masatoshi Ishikawa: A Coloring Method in High-Speed Black-and-White Projectors Using Land's Two-Color Method, The 19th SICE System Integration Division Annual Conference (SI2018), pp. 3063--3066.
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