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Dynamic Marker using Laser Heating


The conventional tracking method using markers required the attachment of markers. Additionally, image processing methods utilizing the texture of the target surface assumed the presence of sufficient texture on the surface, thereby limiting the applicability to certain objects. In this study, we propose a method to dynamically generate markers instantly by changing the surface temperature of the target through laser heating. The dynamically generated markers can be tracked by capturing them with a thermal camera.

Laser irradiation is controlled along the optical axis by devices such as galvanic mirrors, enabling the generation of markers with arbitrary shapes and information. In experiments, we generated patterns such as point clouds and the Chinese character "光" and confirmed the generation of more than 30 dot markers.

In the future, this technique is expected to be applied to more complex marker generation and tracking in real-world scenarios.

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  1. Tomohiko Hayakawa, Yuka Hiruma, Yushan Ke, Masatoshi Ishikawa: Active thermal marker using thermal images of heated areas with visible semiconductor laser, the 10th edition of the International Conference on Optical and Photonic Engineering(icOPEN 2023) (Singapore, 2023.11.28), 15617 (2023).
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