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Achromatic System for Subjective Colors in Benham's Top


Subjective color is perceived illusively by repeated light and dark stimuli, and Benham’s Top (Fig. 1) is a typical example. The principle of this perception involves color constancy and the temporal response of photoreceptors on the retina, with particular dependence on the speed of image rotation. This study proposed a system to make such subjective colors achromatic by presenting a complementary color of a induced color. Because the induced color depends on each person, compensation is performed based on the quantitative measurement of the color, which realized an achromatization system that considers individual differences. This system is expected to be a fundamental research for elucidating the characteristics of human color perception in the cognitive science and for human perception augmentation and human computer interaction (HCI) by closing the gap between human and machine perception.

Fig.1 Benham’s Top
Fig.2 Changes in hue and saturation of induced colors


  • Ryota Mima, Yuki Kubota, Tomohiko Hayakawa, Masatoshi Ishikawa: Achromatic System for Induced Colors in Benham's Top, IEICE (Mar. 17--20, 2020) / Proceedings, H-2-12 (2020).
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