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Single-Cell Level Continuous Observation System for Microorganism Galvanotaxis


A novel system for measurement of motile microorganism galvanotaxis using high-speed vision is presented. Our goal is to construct a smart microsystem composed of many controlled microorganisms. The system utilizes galvanotaxis (intrinsic reaction to electrical stimulus) of microorganisms for actuation. For evaluation of taxis, continuous observation of a moving single cell in a sufficiently large working area without fixation is needed. Using high-speed vision, we developed a system for continuous evaluation of galvanotaxis of freely swimming cells in a large area at the single-cell level. Experimental results demonstrate the continuous measurement of galvanotaxis of a Paramecium caudatum cell moving in a 3.5-mm-square area for 18 s with 1 ms precision.

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  1. Naoko Ogawa, Hiromasa Oku, Koichi Hashimoto and Masatoshi Ishikawa. Single-Cell Level Continuous Observation of Microorganism Galvanotaxis using High-Speed Vision. 2004 IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI 2004) (Arlington, VA, USA, 2004.4.18) / Proceedings, pp. 1331-1334, Apr. 2004. [PDF (982K)] *IEEE
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Corresponding author: Naoko Ogawa (Naoko_Ogawa)

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