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Real time 3D Shape Recognition Using Image Moment-Based Features


There is outstanding capability which carries out form recognition of the object at three dimensions in man's eyes, and an object can be spatially understood and recognized from a picture also to the object which has any complicated form. When taking the action corresponding to an object irrespective of contact and un-contacting, we can say that this capability is indispensable. The purpose of this research applies this capability to a robot.

In this presentation, a 3D shape recognition algorithm using a high-speed vision and an active lightning device is proposed. In this algorithm, by giving strong point light to a target, an elliptical shading pattern is produced. Using a high-speed vision the moment parameters of the shading pattern is observed at a rate of 1 kHz, and the target surface is reconstructed from the moment parameters.

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  1. Yoshio UGAI, Akio NAMIKI and Masatoshi ISHIKAWA. 3D Shape Recognition Using High Speed Vision and Active Lightning Device. The 4th SICE System Integration Division Annual Conference (SI2003) (Tokyo, Japan, 2003.12.19) / Proceedings, pp. 113-114, Dec. 2003.
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