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Effects of Active Perception for Visuo-Motor Sensory Integration


To construct virtual reality systems with multimodal sensory interaction, it is important to make clear the function of sensory integration in human. It is indicated that active perception affects the function of sensory integration. Especially in sensory integration, not only proprioceptive sensory feedback but also efferent copy are affected. In this study we take visuo-motor sensory integration for instance and consider active perception and clarify its mechanism. Eventually we aim for constructing artificial reality system integrating multi-sensor information containing human's behavior.

experiment system

For this aim, we constructed the following experimental system like the figure above. This system can make a testee have conscious access by only vision and haptic senses and eliminate corresponding of the each sense by generating the space where a testee is shown the space different from the real. By using this system the relation between the activity and the mechanism of visuo-motor sensory integration is analyzed qualitatively. Furthermore, artificial reality system making use of active sensor fusion is being constructed, being evaluated quantitatively by computer graphics.


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