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Active 3D sensing using a multifingered hand


As humanoid robots and industrial robots become a popular research topic, recognizing the 3D shape of physical objects is more essential and attracts much attention. In recent years, in order to sense the shape of objects more quickly and more effectively, the technology to sense objects actively is demanded widely; for example , a manipulating robot itself tilts or rotates objects so that the camera senses them easily.

Although 3D reconstruction of rotating objects has been done in some previous researches, active sensing actually using a robot hand has not been done enough. In the present study, we suggest a method of active 3D shape sensing by rotating the object using a multifingered hand. Specifically, the multifingered hand rotates a piece of wooden 3D puzzle, and the high-speed camera captures the rotating piece. Then, we limit the shape of the piece refer to its contour information. As a result, we can realize the reconstruction of its 3D shape.




  1. Y. Tabata, Y. Yamakawa, T. Senoo and M. Ishikawa: Active 3D sensing based on regrasping motion approach using a multifingered hand, 12th SICE System Integration Division Annual Conference. (Kyoto, Japan, 2011. 12. 23) / Proceedings, pp. 352-353 (2011)
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