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BFS-Solo: High Speed Book Digitization using Monocular Video


BFS-Solo enables high-speed book digitization using monocular video captured while the paper is deformed. Our original method can reconstruct the 3D deformation and restore a flat document image by taking into account the physical constraints on deformation for a sheet of paper from the monocular image sequence. This system allows flexibility of configuration for high-speed book digitization, anywhere and anytime. BFS-Solo is designed for a simple and convenient style of book digitization for personal use, and the design concept is different from BFS-Auto which is an automatic and high-performance system for professional use. The principle introduced in this system is totally different from the BFS-Auto principle. Toward the practical use, BFS-Solo is planned to be designed to be used under the copyright law.


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  • Hiroki Shibayama, Yoshihiro Watanabe, and Masatoshi Ishikawa: Reconstruction of 3D Surface and Restoration of Flat Document Image from Monocular Image Sequence, The 11th Asian Conference on Computer Vision (ACCV 2012) (Daejeon, 2012.11.09) / Proceedings, pp. 350-364. (oral)

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