This website is my personal portfolio. You will find information about me and about projects I've been working on.


I studied computer sciences and electronics at ESIEA-Ouest for 5 years and obtained an engineering degree; I completed in parallel a research Master (both at Laval, France). During my studies, I mainly specialised in Virtual Reality and Human/Machine Interfaces. In 2008, I started an internship at Ishikawa Komuro Laboratory at the University of Tokyo. Currently I am working as a technical assistant in the same laboratory at the Meta Perception Group, where I am involved in the development of innovative Computer-/Human Interfaces; time to time, I also work on Media Arts installations and other exotic stuff.

Laval, France
5 years degree in computer science. Students shared a common formation until the 4th year where we need to choose a speciality. I chose Virtual Reality. ESIEA encourages team projects and help students become versatile.
Master IVI
Master specialized on Virtual Reality and innovation techniques.

List of works

new Smart Laser Scanner
(2009 / current work)
Ishikawa Komuro Lab.
New prototype of the Smart Laser Scanner. Simplified and cheaper system working with a microcontroler.
Akari Doll
(2009 / current work)
First prototype of an interactive doll shining as people caress it. The electronic circuitry - hiden under the skin of the doll - is composed of many simple touch sensors each attached to a pair of blue LEDs.
Sound Tie
(2009 / current work)
A vu-meter necktie for wearing at noisy social events. Small microphone and 10 LEDs vumeter showing the level of ambient sound.
Virtual Haptic Radar
(2009 / 3 months)
Ishikawa Komuro Lab.
Wearable device helping actors become aware of the presence of invisible virtual objects.
shining hair
(2008 / several nights)
Small RGB LEDs in my long hair lock make my hair shining. Color change as I move my head.
(2008 / 2 months)
Ishikawa Komuro Lab.
The Haptic Radar principle applied to a car. Vibration on a driver headaband, sensors on the car surface.
Haptic Radar
(2008 / 1 big month)
Ishikawa Komuro Lab.
Headband allowing users to perceive spatial information using haptic cues. The system is composed of 6 range finder sensors and 6 vibrators controlled by a microcontroller. An external handmade LED display shows information from the sensors.
Sound Quest
(2008 / 6 months)
Master IVI, PI Lab.
Sound maze game. 3D tracking of player is achieved thanks to seveal hacked Nintendo WII remotes.
Time Machine : VERDUN 1916
(2007 / 8 months)
ESIEA, 4th year
Highly immersive simulator. Spectators travel to a battelfield taking place at World War I. The system simulates in real time a 3D environment, including sound, wind, heat, vibration, contact, smells, ...
REVES project
(2006 / 8 months)
ESIEA, 3rd year
A mixed reality game. The controller is an innovative 2D force-feedback device developed for a milling simulator.

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